Let's Go To War

by Chucky Macdonald

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    Recorded by David Lizotte summer 2016.

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released September 1, 2016

Enregistré, mixé et masteré par David Lizotte
Illustrations pas Patrick Ouellet
Été 2016



all rights reserved


Chucky Macdonald Québec

Québec Rock City's biggest and baddest grunge rock band.

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Track Name: Burn

Getting you out of my mind
Well that’s a hard thing to do
And ever since we’re here
Things must disappear

Burning shit is kind of cool
When you got nothing to do
Burning treasures that you’ll miss
Well baby kiss my fist

I wanna burn something
I need to burn your things
Right now Baby cause

Since I can’t burn your face
I’m gonna burn your place

Gasoline’s running wild through your dreams and your smile
The only lessons that you learn, you learn it because it burns

Fire’s spreading everywhere it ain’t no time to stare
We must get higher, because you’re city’s fire

Burning, it’s all burning
It’s all clear right now baby cause

Since I can’t burn your face
I’m gonna burn your place!

What do we do? Where do we go?
What do we do? Where do we go?
Into the inferno!

Burn baby burn baby burn baby!

Burning is what got me into this mess

Cause since I couldn’t burn your face
I had to burn your place!
Track Name: Lonely

Friends, you got no friends,
you got no worries,
you got no scars cause you’re into God,
you’re into the preaching,
you’re into the people,
you’re into the demons,
Do you really wanna know,
know real fear know the real people
and all their sheeples
do you really wanna die among the slaves you’ll get no graves Obey your God so they say

All by yourself
I’m so lonely

Say you wanna say
you wanna say something
because nobody’s listening,
we’re all alive living our life
wasting our time into the screen
of your tele-television,
they’re telling you visions
Pretty little visions about life and death
and I’m so high, buying the lie,
I need more time to meet the Eye
So they say

All by yourself
I’m so lonely
Track Name: I Don't Care

I don’t care how you wanna kill me
Please take your time
Wanna do this right
You better make it last make it last forever,
Forever in your arms till the end of time

I’ve decided to sell my part
To the chief to the only boss that’s around
Dancing in the dark
2 snakes around my neck
Want to bet your life?
This city is going down?

Come over here!

Down with the sound
The complete take over
Let’s pretend
That your mayor
Never sold you out

But what’s you gonna say
When the Sabbath hit’s town
They’ll burn you on a stick
With your fucking child

Come over here!

But he sound just like a machine
But he sound just like a machine

And a town
Which they choose fucking makes me believe

That a town where children
Burns belongs to

A new you
The same you
A Better you
I Hate you so fucking kill me!
Track Name: Let's Go To War

My life’s all cool
Always got what I needed
But one things has been missing, missing sadly
Didn’t know, tried to find it
Tried to buy it, tried to steal
Nothing worked it was just a bad dream
Well, last night something just popped in my head
It was all real clear so I left and screamed saying

Let’s go to war!
We’re going to be rock stars
Let’s go to war
Maybe you’re gonna find love going to war

So I sold my house, my car and my dog
Went and bought me a whole bunch of crazy guns
Before that I was scared now I say fuck fear
Because I’m all prepared got my guitar and my beer
Some say I’m crazy and I’m wasting my time
Well I know what I’m doing
I only got one life

Let’s go to war!
We’re going to be rock stars
Let’s go to war
Maybe you’re gonna find love going to war


Come on baby it’s going down
We’re going to kill the underground
Just leave your life and join us
I’m telling you we’re going to have some fun
Track Name: Down

Life’s so hard these days
You must go through this shit or
Leave this town or stay
There is no
Help wanna survive wanna get through
This shit well I tried!
You haven’t really tried your

Best what a mess
I’m possessed
And I’m stressed?
... And you lied because I’m going down

And I’m so tired and this haze
This haze witch I’m breathing is making me sick
So sick and so fragile
If only I could

Sleep, sleep in heat, not in the street, not alone again tonight
Heaven see’s you and reply

With some lies from the sky
There’s your new life
And you’re going

I don’t need your help
Why don’t you start saving yourself?

So I’ll see you hell
You love the stage
From now to forever the
Same mistakes that we’ll play
Until your learn

Learn to discern learn to dissect all those texts
The truth from the lies
And the lies from the truth
So be wise
Be advised ignore the lies and smile cause
We’re right and we’re going down

I’ll see you around
I’ll be watching you
I’ll see you around
When I die!!

Why don’t you just leave me there?
I cannot climb those stairs

Down! Down! Down!
I don’t really need your help
Help! Help!
I’m going down deep down
And you’re going deep down
And we’re going deep down
Inside me
Track Name: Mr. Devil

Save me

Hey Mr. Devil can you spare me a dime?
I haven’t eat in weeks I can do some pretty good tricks!

Let’s make a deal, I sell you my soul
Just give me a good place to eat sleep and watch the show!

Let me be your right hand, don’t want to be your little toy
There is much to enjoy and I really want break free!

Nobody’s gonna miss me I’ve got no friends and family
Don’t even have to say goodbye I’ll Watch them die from the sky

Hey Come on Mr. Devil!
Take me with you
Want to get out of here and preach the word for you!

Sure as hell you won’t be deceived by my abilities
To spread evil in all they see

Some say the world’s gonna blow, I don’t wanna be cold
Want to be right by your side and see this motherfucker go!!!

Hey! Come on Mr. Devil!
Take me with you
Want to get out of here and preach the word for you

Down you go
This is your new home

Come on Mr. Devil
Calling Mr. Devil

Take me with you
Want to get out of here and preach the word for you
Take me with you
Let’s make a pact and sail out to hell forever!
Track Name: No Savior

You say you want to believe
Well isn’t this nice
Where getting closer to the lie
There is no truth only the one you’ll buy
If I have to choose
I’ll shoot and die

Time is waste, Time is waste, and you’re wasting your time
You’ll realize when you see the big picture behind
Grab your people, your dreams grab your problems too
The false savior is coming for me and you

This is life
It’s your life you see
All that was left for you has been eaten by me
Down to earth you say I’m down to earth?
A rotten apple like you should go straight to hell

And one more thing…

There’s no savior!
Only your mind
Is to blame!

Those computers are driving you mad
Wished I’d stay a little longer
No, yeah, Wo

You need to shut down your disguise
Your mask is wearing off

This world of yours is driving me mad
Can we take it a little longer?

Are you feeling a little better?
sure do you want more?
Are you getting a little stronger?
Ready to explode!!!

Fuck you, fuck your life, its shit
There isn’t really a good reason for you to quit
Monkey man, monkey live and die
So grab your dreams grab your money your shit and smile
Track Name: One Step From Suicide

You came into my disease with only one thing on your mind
You wanted everything, now are you sure you wanna die?

Cause I’m still here dancing in the rain, one step from suicide
Do you really want to meet and say goodbye?
No, no, no

Got a hate for the human race, no hope no desire and no pride
Someday you’ll understand when you lose your mind there’s no regrets

Cause I’m still here dancing in the rain, one step from suicide
Do you really want to meet and say goodbye?

Now I want to see the face of death destroy all the things that you desire
And I want to be in the front row seat when the sun burn down your pride
Track Name: Our Little Friend The Sun

He’s been here all along watching us with his big grin
Just waiting for the right time to knock knock on us door
Who’s here, hello hello

You didn’t listen when they tried to warn you
You just laugh and said “plenty of cream to use”
Well your cream won’t work and you’re going to fry

Now it’s getting late, I wanna play
Let’s go outside, our little friend the sun
Is waiting for us to turn to dust all that remains

Our little friend the sun

The earth is gonna dry, nature saying bye bye
What can we do to survive?
We’ll just sell our blood
We’re so good at selling anything down

Explore all night we’ll just hide all day
I know these walls remains us tight
But which one is the prey?
Better watch your clock or you will find

Your turn is next and so as me
We’re gonna fry out there counting 1 2 3
Where is this moon I find so sweet
I now miss the time of being clean
This god up there who see’s everything
Is gonna fuck up your world